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Smart Wardrobe
LG STYLER™ | Mirror Essence

S3GHM - Styler
(Mirror Essence Color)

LG Styler™ - Smart Wardrobe | s3WF

LG Styler iron your clothes, sanitised and smelling fresh. Wi-Fi enabled smart wardrobe can alert you when your garments are clean & ready to wear.

Monthly Rental


Smart Wardrobe


Remove clothes allergens


Refresh clothes in the comfort of your home

Gentle Dry

Gentle dry, prevent shrinkage & damage


Dehumidfy your room & space


Steam clothing care without iron

Remove odor

Shake off fabric wrinkles & Odors


S3GHM – Mirror Essence Color


First in Malaysia With Rental Plan

Smart Wardrobe Clothing Steam Closet

LG Styler is Made for a Healthier Life

Throughout the day, the clothes you wear can pick up harmful dust, bacteria, and allergens. Sanitizing clothes is as important as washing your hands after getting home every day. Keep your clothes clean and hygienic with LG Styler.

Refresh Mode

Refresh Clothes in the Comfort of Your Home

Unpleasant smells, harmful pollutants, dripping wet, wrinkles, seasonal clothes and even difficult to clean items. Effortlessly remove them quickly and effectively at your home.

Put an End to the “Re-wear Chair”

LG Styler lets you easily freshen and remove odors from clothes you have every intention of wearing again. You can even place a dryer sheet or cotton pad sprayed with your signature perfume in the removable aroma filter to add a pleasant scent.

Slim Design. Simple Set Up. Standout Style.

With white finishes, each with scratch-resistant tempered glass door and intuitive LED Controls, this innovative steam closet fits your home and your style.


Shake off Wrinkles and Odors

Care for suits, dresses, sweaters and more with the touch of a button, so you and your clothes will always look at your best. Shake off ODORS, leaving your clothes as fresh as a daisy!


Efficiently Reduce Viruses

The healthy way to treat your clothes!
TrueSteam™ reduces more than 99.9%* virus, bacteria.
Easily Sanitize fabrics and items that are difficult or impossible to wash.
TrueSteam™ consists of 100% water, with no chemical additives.

*Certified by BAF (British Allergy Foundation) for 99.9% reduction in exposure to live house dust mite and bacteria (E. coli and S. aureus).
*Certified by VDE, kills 99.9% of bacteria (E. coli and S. aureus) with Sanitary – Normal program.
*Kills 99.99% of viruses (PEDV / ICHV / IBRV) tested by Chonnam National University and 99.9% Human Coronavirus (hCoV-229E) tested by Jeonbuk National University with Sanitary – Heavy Duty program.
*PEDV / hCoV-229E virus is a type of corona virus and is not a test result for new coronavirus 19 (COVID-19).

Steam Clothing Care

Steam Clothing Care

LG Styler’s deep-penetrating TrueSteam™ consists of pure water and gently Moving Hanger help reduce allergens, odors and wrinkles in your clothes. Low temperature drying system dries clothing faster than air drying, preventing shrinking and damage caused by heat.


Smart Custom Cycles for Your Fashion Pieces

Professionally take care of your precious items that can’t be treated in traditional washers and dryers. Download Tailor-made cycles for special fabrics*.

Gentle Dry

Prevent Shrinkage and Damage

Gently dry clothes that require special care without worrying about shrinkage or damage. No more dampness or accidental damage – only fresh, clean clothes as they were meant to be!

Even Refresh Your Space

Keep your clothes refreshed, as well as your closet and indoor spaces. LG Styler helps to refresh surrounding clothes and atmosphere.

*Use while door is open 45º. If door is closed, the course does not operate.
*Drain tank (1.5 Liters) may be filled before end of Dehumidify cycle depending on the Environment.
*LG test results (May vary ±10 per machine).
*Based on 2hr dehumidification cycle.

Pants Press

Perfectly Crease Pants

Keep pant creases looking crisp while reducing general wrinkling. Quick and easy care for your pants.

LG ThinQ™

Smart Convenience with WiFi

LG ThinQ™ technology lets you operate or monitor precious garments from anywhere, anytime. You can control track energy consumption or use Cycle Download to add newly developed care cycles.

Well-matched Design Anywhere

LG Styler

This high performing and unique LG Styler keeps your clothes sanitised and smelling fresh. This smart wardrobe has Wi-Fi enabled so it can alert you when your garments are clean and ready to wear.




  • S3GHM


  • Mirror Essence

Dimension (W x H x D mm)

  • 445 x 585 x 1850 mm

Capacity (kg)

  • 5.2kg


  • 4 Items (3 hangers + 1 pant)


  • Hidden LED Display
  • TrueSteam™
    Steam Clothing Care
  • Refresh Clothes in the Comfort of Your Home


  • Inverter Heat Pump Compressor

Wifi Compatible

  • Android & iOS Mobile OS


  • Round Corner

Moving Hanger

  • 180rpm

Display Control

  •  Touch

Power Source

  • 230V, 8A, 50Hz

Energy Consumption

  • 1850W

Weight (kg)

  • 78 (product)
  • 86 (carton box)

Operation Noise

  • 40dB A quiet library sounds.

Accessories Included

  • Shirt Hangers
  • Pants Hanger
  • Tray
  • Aroma Sheets
  • Pants Press
  • Pants Press Manual

Clothing Programs (min.)

  • Refresh (Heavy): 59
  • Refresh (Normal): 39
  • Refresh (Light): 20
  • Special (Wools / Knits): 27
  • Special (Suit / Coats): 34
  • Special (Sports Wear): 54
  • Dry (Normal): 120
  • Dry (Snow / Rain): 51
  • Dry (Dehumidification): 120
  • Sanitary (Normal): 83
  • Sanitary (Bedding): 93
  • Sanitary (Fine Dust): 53
  • Sanitary (Heavy Duty): 123

Special Programs (min.)

  • Extra Pants Care: 64
  • Fur / Leather: 30
  • Blanket Warmer: 30
  • Dress Shirts: 112
  • Shawls / Neckties: 23
  • Pants (Default): 64
  • Ready-to-Go: 10
  • Static Removal: 10
  • Hush Mode: 120
  • Padding Wear: 59
  • Jeans: 98
  • Rainy Days: 120
  • Baby Clothing Sterilisation: 84
  • Doll Sterilisation: 93
  • Suit / Uniform: 83
  • School Uniform: 69
  • Refresh Stored Items: 34
  • Wools / Knits Dry: 150
  • Thin Padding Dry: 85
  • Thick Padding Dry: 150

Clothing Care in A-B-C

  • A-line Skirt, Blouse, Cardigan, Down Jacket, Evening Dress, Floral Dress, Golf Wear, Hat, Indigo Jeans, Jumpsuit, Knitwear, Linen Shirt, Mask, Necktie, Oxford Shirt, Pillow, Quilted Jacket, Robe, Scarf, Teddy Bear, Uniform, Vest, Wool Coat, X-back Dress, Yoga Wear, – Zip-up Hoodie

LG ThinQ WiFi-Connected App

  • Smart Diagnosis 3.0
  • Remote Control
  • Energy Monitoring
  • Black Box
  • One Touch
  • Download Course


  • Smart Inverter Compressor (10 Years Warranty)


LG Styler | S3WF

Smart Wardrobe

rental ONLY

5 Years Plan

    (5+0 years contract)
    1. AROMA SHEET - Every 6 month (2 boxes)
    2. WATER TANK - Every 2 years
    (Water Supply Tank + Water Drain Tank)

Part Can Be Purchased Separately


RM58.65/20 SHEET / BOX


  • RM89.43 - Water Supply Tank
  • RM77.53 - Water Drain Tank