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635L Side-by-Side Fridge With Ice Maker & Water Dispenser in Matte Black Finish

With the freezer on the left, the refrigerator on the right, LG side-by-side refrigerators offer innovation and convenience in a sleek and stylish package.

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635L | Side-by-Side Fridge

UV Nano Dispenser




LG ThinQ™



Side-by-Side Fridge



Quick & Easy Access to Your Favorites

Door-in-Door™ allows you to easily get your favorite foods with concealed opening button.


Seals in Farm Freshness Longer

LinearCooling™ reduces temperature fluctuations, locking in the flavor of fresh for up to 7 days.

*Based on TÜV Rheinland test results using LG’s internal test method to measure the time it took to achieve a 5% weight loss rate for pak choi on the shelf in the fresh produce compartment of the LGE LinearCooling Model GSXV91NSAE. The result may vary during actual use.


Delivers Freshness Evenly & Faster

Drinks are colder and food stays fresher with the even and faster performance of DoorCooling+™.

*Based on TÜV Rheinland test results using LG’s internal testing method comparing time for the temperature of the water container placed in the top basket to drop between DoorCooling+™ and Non-DoorCooling+™ models. Applicable models only.
*The images of the product are for illustration purposes only and may differ from the actual product.
*DoorCooling+™ is supposed to stop when the door is opened.


Refresh Your Dispenser Nozzle Every Day

Automatically reduce *99.99% of bacteria from the water nozzle with UV light.

*The UVnano (function name: Self Care) was assessed by laboratory tests by TÜV Rheinland using internal testing methods of measuring reduction of E. coli, S. aureus and P. aeruginosa in distilled water samples after exposure to the product’s UV LED for 10 minutes each hour, after a total of 24 hours in normal household use. Actual results may vary depending on environmental conditions and usage. The product does not treat or cure health-related conditions and does not guarantee that water filtered by the product will be free from contaminants such as microbiological particles affecting health of users.
*UVnano is a compound of the words UV(ultraviolet) and nanometer(unit of length).

Large Capacity

Store More with more interior space

Enjoy plenty of room to store all your food and beverage that doesn’t crowd your kitchen.

*635L:Based on EU standard, 635L is capacity of LGE model GSXV91NSAE.
*27 cu.ft:Based on North America standard, 27 cu.ft is capacity of LGE model LRS*2706.

Enhance your decor with an ultrasleek door

The Ultrasleek Door instantly enhanced the decor of any kitchen

*635L:Based on EU standard, 635L is capacity of LGE model GSXV91NSAE.
*27 cu.ft:Based on North America standard, 27 cu.ft is capacity of LGE model LRS*2706.

Remote Control
Connect and Control from Anywhere

LG ThinQ™ app allows you to easily connect with your refrigerator in a way you never could before. Turn on ‘Express Freeze’ with just the tap of a button.

Smart Alert
Connect for Easier Control

Forgot to close the refrigerator door? Not to worry. The LG ThinQ™ app will send a notification straight to your phone to alert you.


Smart Inverter Compressor

The cutting edge Smart Inverter Compressor technology takes energy efficiency to another level and helps you save more. Not only this, it comes with 10 year warranty and provides super silent operation.

*Extended warranty for compressor and motor covers parts only. (excluding labour, gas, refilling & transportation costs after the expiry of the 1st year warranty period).




  • GC-J257SQNW


  • Side-by-Side


  • Matte Black

Total Capacity (Gross)

  • 635L 


  • Smart inverter compressor

Dimension (W x H x D mm)

  • 913 x 1,790 x 735


LinearCooling™ is a technology that keeps the refrigerator temperature constant within ±0.5℃ by carefully adjusting the supply of cold air, preventing loss of moisture in food and keeping it fresher for longer.

Use the Control Panel on the door or inside the fridge to set or adjust the temperature for your fridge or freezer. Use the LG ThinQ™ App to change the temperature setting remotely via your smartphone for supported models.

LG offers a broad range of stylish, energy-efficient Fridge Freezers with multiple smart features. From roomy American Style and convenient Multi-Door, to InstaView™ Door-SG-Door™ technology, Combi and Slim models, LG offers the perfect Fridge Freezer for every household. If you are designing a kitchen from scratch, it’s easy to integrate your dream appliance; if you have an existing gap to fill, you may find your choice is dictated by space. Once you’ve decided on a Fridge Freezer that best suits your lifestyle, look at storage space, innovative cooling technologies that keep your food items fresher for longer, convenient features like Total No Frost, a UVnano auto-cleaning water and ice dispenser, folding shelves and FRESHBalancer™ drawer system. Don’t forget to check energy efficiency and product warranty.

Although it depends on your lifestyle, for a good rule of thumb: the LG Combi fridge freezer (capacity: 340-384L) is normally sufficient for a small household of 1-2 people; Slim Multi-Door models (506-508L) suit a family of 3-4; for a larger family, we recommend the capacious LG Multi-Door or American Style models (capacity 625-705L). Multi-Door models provide extra-wide space for storage of items such as trays or platters. At LG we want every customer to get the Fridge Freezer that suits them best, so we offer a selection of sizes within each range.

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Side-by-Side Fridge

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  • 635L Side-by-Side Fridge With Ice Maker & Water Dispenser